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SDU – International Patent (Thesis)

Our project within the scope of my doctoral thesis, which we developed together with my esteemed advisor Prof. Dr. Serdal TERZİ and my colleagues Elif Ceren YILDIRIM and Murat Onur YILDIRIM, was approved as an international patent in Germany and was protected with the reference number “DE 21 2020 000 817 U1”.

We were honored and happy to have an International Patent as the youngest and the only PhDs in the engineering fields of our university. We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Serdal TERZİ and our University Rector Prof. Dr. İlker Hüseyin ÇARIKÇI for all their support.

International ITS Summit – Contribution to Industry Award

At the International ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Summit, patented technology and method we developed in my doctoral project was awarded the International AUS Contribution to the Industry and Honorary Membership Award. I am honored to have received award together with industry-leading organizations such as Havelsan, Tübitak Bilgem and Ford Otosan.

2022 Inter-University Project Competition

The utility model which includes the method and system to ensure a safe environment during and after the earthquake developed by me and my team was awarded the 1st prize in the postgraduate doctorate category at the 2022 project awards with votes of the jury members and investors.

I would like to thank ATSO Assembly President Ahmet ÖZTÜRK who presented our awards, ANSİAD management who supported the realization of the project, Prof. Dr. Serdal TERZİ and our university.

Artificial Intelligence Arts

Here are some of my versions created by the artificial intelligence algorithm that will be popular among users in the near future.